Aekraes Kodex

Aekraes Kodex's custom-made blockchain powered solutions deliver more democratic and intelligent supply chain data management by enhancing system transparency, accessibility, stability, and security. The consequentially increased efficiency, combined with more accurate data analysis and higher levels of automation, improve all logistics tasks.

Join Our Team

We are looking for talented and enthusiast developers to build applications on blockchain technology. If you are good in front-end development, big data analytics, and interested in blockchain solutions, please get in touch. Knowledge of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts considered a plus. We are also interested in back-end developers and graphic designers. Experienced sales and marketing people looking for new exciting challenges should also apply.

To apply, send us an e-mail with your CV attached. If you offer any specific consulting services, please detail your offering and prices, including demos and Github code samples with links.

About Aekraes

Aekraes, or Egres/Äkräs in Finnish, is an ancient Finnish god of agriculture and fertility. According to the "founder" of literary Finnish, Mikael Agricola, Äkräs created vegetables like peas and swedes. According to the legend, finding a double vegetable like turnip or carrot bodes good luck. The legend of Äkräs lives in our ultimate goal to bring "grass-root democracy."

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